PC and Laptop

The Media Shop has been building, repairing, upgrading and maintaining computers since 1999. Our experienced and professional staff have many years of experience in PC and laptop repair and are on hand to get your computer running smoothly again, whether it has just gone up in smoke or just running a bit slow.

  • Over the counter support in store
  • Staff with the ability to explain things simply
  • Quality computers at affordable prices
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Operating System

The Media Shop employs highly experienced technicians with in depth knowledge of all operating systems including Windows, MAC OS, Linux and Android. So if you have a virus or are just running slow, our format and system re-installations may be just what you need.

  • Service pack update's installed after installation
  • Fully up to date driver's applied with all installation's
  • Software included such as Libra Office and Picasa
  • Kaspersky antivirus options available
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Laptop and Desktop
Heat Services

At The Media Shop we know that your computer has a hard life and we also know that from time to time your computer needs a bit of T.L.C. So if your computer is getting hot (or switching itself off) we can perform a full service and you save costly repairs down the line.

  • Replacement brackets, pads and fans available
  • High quality thermal compound used
  • Full thermal flow check performed
  • Full high load burn-in test provided
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